UC.NOW Features

Agent Tools

Agent-To-Agent Messaging

  • Allows backend communication between 2 licensed users, or Agents, during an in-progress online chat for advice, additional information, approvals & more

Incoming Call Alert

  • Allows an idle Agent to work on something else while waiting for an incoming chat request
  • Notifies an online Agent via email when there’s an online customer waiting

3-Way Group Chat

  • Schedule a chat and invite 2 unlicensed users, or guests, to meet for an online discusssion
  • Invite another Agent to join an ongoing chat as needed

Pre-loaded File Library

  • Preload frequently-used files for quick & easy sharing during chats

Access To Logs & Recordings

  • Chat logs & recordings can be available to help with follow-ups

Hide “Live Chat” Button

  • Chat button will not be displayed onscreen when agents are offline or not available

Canned Messages

  • Pre-define frequently-used greetings & phrases for quicker responses during chats

Card Scan App

  • Scan to digitize name cards for upload to UC.NOW Phonebook. Add in other information about each contact while the memory is still fresh
  • Allows scheduling chats right away to promptly follow up