About Us

A new startup founded by engineers with a passion for all things “communication”,
we believe that the key to success lies in how well people are connected to each other
in a world without borders.  At UC Now Communication Limited, we focus on re-imagining Communication and Collaboration, coming up with ideas to revolutionize real time interactions between people. 

Our Culture

  • We love coming up with big ideas.
    Even more so, we love bringing them to life.
  • We are decision makers.
    We find the plan to our ideas and execute from end to end.
  • New challenges come our way every day.
    Never fear, we are problem solvers.
  • We do not believe in “Good Enough” or being “Second Best”.
    As they say, “We Are Our Biggest Competitor!”

Our Mission

Enable “NOW” Customer Engagement Without Borders
We Bring Companies & Their Customers Closer

  • One Universal,
    Cloud-Based, Managed
    Communication &
    Collaboration Platform
  • Connects Companies & Customers
    From All Corners Of The World
    With Just One Click
  • Opens Up A World Of
    Endless Possibilities

Meet The Team

  • Marketing Director
    Andrea Poon
  • Commercial Manager
    Pat Wong
  • Engineering Manager
    Micky Huang
  • Senior Software Engineer (User Interface)
    Garry Choi