A Better Way To Engage Today’s Digital Customer

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Customer Engagement Anytime Anywhere

  • For your customers to reach you, all they will need are internet-enabled devices with WebRTC-supported browsers.  No travelling or paid long distance phone calls required
  • No dedicated hotline staff?  With UC.NOW’s Agent Chat app for Android and iOS, your staff will be notified of incoming chat requests even when not at their desks. Better yet, chats can be taken directly from the app

Sell Smarter. Close Deals Faster 

  • Enhance an otherwise impersonal digital experience with human touch.  In addition to text chats, add voice chat into the formula.  Customers' subjective queries & hesitations can often be settled more quickly when explained verbally by a real person
  • Do an online “Show-And-Tell” with video chat .  Seeing is believing.  Demonstrations can be very convincing.  After all, as they say, “A Picture Tells A Thousand Words”

Enhanced Call-to Action For Digital Promotions

  • Instead of access to your website from email & mobile push promotion mailers, why not give one-click access directly to live agents on standby instead?
  • Direct access to live agents on standby from eDM promotions convers interests to sales
  • Convert more interested customers from merely “Find Out More” to “Buy Now”

Engage Smarter. Make It “One-Click Easy” From Both Online And Offline Channels

  • Make It Easy: Let your customers chat instantly with agents on standby without leaving the current screen to reach for a phone
  • Make It Now: Trigger chats from online channels including website, mobile apps, email or SMS. Can also be started offline via a QR code on printed materials

QR Code to UC.NOW Chat: Guide Offline Interests To Your Sales Team

  • Add our QR-Code-To-Chat function to your print ads, posters or brochures. Those interested simply need to scan the QR Code to reach your agents. Immediate prospect engagement is really that easy
  • Even better, generate personal QR Codes and print them onto your sales team’s name cards. Customers just need to scan to get connected to them without any dialing or typing

Don’t Let Potential Business Wait. Schedule A Chat Right Away From Scanned Card Information

  • At exhibitions and tradeshows, every business card collected could be a sales opportunity but they have limited shelf life.  So don’t just collect them.  Act fast to bring in the revenue ahead of your competition
  • Once business cards have been scanned to your UC.NOW Phonebook, reach out right away and schedule UC.NOW chats to pick up where you left off
  • Add other details about the lead to your Phonebook record while they’re still fresh in your mind:  needs, interests, follow-up requested