A Better Way To Engage Today’s Digital Customer

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Proactively Reach Out - Sell Smarter. Close Deals Faster. 
A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

  • Increase conversion rates. Engage leads proactively to prevent drop-off before completing the transaction
  • In addition to text chats, add voice chat into the formula. Queries & hesitations can often be settled more quickly when explained verbally
  • Do an online video “Show-and-Tell”.  Seeing is believing. Demonstrations can be very convincing

Add A Friendly Face - Create A Memorable Online Service Experience

  • Enhance an otherwise impersonal digital experience with human touch
  • A combination of text, voice and video chat together with collaboration tools make customer engagement easier and shorter
  • Enjoyable business-to-consumer (B2C) experiences build brand loyalty through differentiation

Enhanced Call-To-Action For Digital Promotions

  • Instead of access to your website from email & mobile push promotion mailers, why not give one-click access directly to live agents on standby instead?  
  • Direct access to live agents on standby from eDM promotions converts interests to sales
  • Convert more interested customers from merely “Find Out More” to “Buy Now”

Customer Engagement Without  Borders

  • 7X24X365 interactions with your customers around the world? All that’s needed are Internet-enabled devices with WebRTC-supported browsers. No travelling  or long distance phone calls required.

Engage Smarter. Make It ”One-Click Easy”
From Your Website or Mobile Apps

  • Today’s “Autonomous Customer” prefers to look to the web & mobile apps for information first. However, what if he/she’s looking for is not available online?
  • “Self-Service Is Only Attractive When Supported”.  Real time chats with agents standing by are gaining popularity with digital-savvy customers
  • Make It Easy:  Let your customers chat with agents standing by instantly without leaving the current screen to reach for a phone
  • Make It Now: Start chat immediately by clicking on the live chat button. No need to wait for replies to enquiry emails